Gratuitous Cat Pictures

Puss on boot, or Athena T. Cat wondering where the laces are. She has taken to pestering my sneakers, pulling at the laces and playing with them. At 0500. Until I get up and pet her, feed her, pet her, or otherwise show interest in her affairs.

So harmless. So quiet. So deceptive.

The fake (excuse me, faux) fur throw on the bed has been wildly effective. Athena now fusses at me until I make the bed so that she can flop onto the fur. She has not abandoned the floor, especially when that’s where the sun happens to be, but the fake fur is her current favorite surface.

Not sleeping but plotting.

Actually, she was so sound asleep that she didn’t move despite the clicks from the camera. She was even harder asleep an hour before, when she was dreaming and snoring. It was sort of cute, in a twitchy, whistling way.


8 thoughts on “Gratuitous Cat Pictures

  1. Looks over shoulder …

    Still prone, but that’s a rotation away. Plotting, all right. Probably planning to open the treat bottle and watch Animal Planet or BBC Nature.

  2. I’d trade you my Beagle for your cats after she decided around 3 am that I had to be up paying attention to her.

    The only draw-back in the trade is that I’m betting that your cats will “get on top of things”. Lilly, my Beagle, can’t do that. 😉

    Oh, not serious about the trade (not that you would trade). 😀

      • I’ve heard the Beagle Bellow only once from her. That was late night while she was in the old backyard.

        On the other hand, she does do a sharp bark (not too loud) when she thinks (correctly) that I’m ignoring her.

        On the gripping hand, there’s a half Beagle half Cocker Spaniel in the apartment building who definitely gives the Beagle Bellow when greeting people. I don’t know if Brownie does it in the apartment. 😀

  3. Nemo wants attention but doesn’t plot. Why should he? He outright asks for what he wants or gets it without asking.

  4. When our border collie hears big critters (usually deer, but occasionally a cougar), she’ll let us know. This is particularly annoying at 3AM. We have to assure her that the doors are locked, and that it’s not her job to chase them away. (The local cougar is 100 pounds, and each of our dogs weight 50 or less. Not going to let them tangle with the big cat, nor the deer.)

    We have a tiny feral cat that does rodent control in the area. Lately it’s been taking refuge on the front porch or more often under the deck. Both dogs consider this a terrible affront, but are quiet if the cat doesn’t try to run around. Border collie death stare is a thing.

  5. Speaking of death stares:

    ” My Food Dish Is Empty. EMPTY.

    You are getting a one-paw review on Mrowr!”

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