Well, That Wasn’t Fun

Just before the end of Winter Break, I came down with a viral bronchitis. I don’t recommend that. I finally managed to shake it yesterday, after feeling like death on toast for most of the week, and not being able to sing anything longer than a quarter note (which makes rehearsing slow music . . . challenging.) The lack of energy got old, fast.

I know. I’m much better off than having the ‘flu (either flavor this year), or more serious complaints. I still detest being sick.

I managed to get to the gym and actually lift yesterday, but it was multi-set rounds with low reps. Bench-press, so that if something went south or I needed to cough, I could rack the weights fast. The crud managed to wait until I was doing cardio before it attacked.

At least I managed to get one short story for the next Familiars anthology written, part of “Familiar Sorrows” done, and the other short stories sketched out.


7 thoughts on “Well, That Wasn’t Fun

  1. I was at the clinic for a pre-op appointment (colonoscopy–whee) and the staff was diligent at keeping well-patients from the sick ones. The adjacent hospital’s registration staff featured a guy in a surgical mask, too. (I know they’re doing this for sick people, too; had to wear one when I got flu-like reactions to the new pneumonia vaccine.)

    Makes me glad we’re rural; we can reduce the chances of meeting sick people. I gather Oregon’s pretty bad for the flu(s) this season.

  2. Hang in there. Our gym added more signs and bottles, and has staff reminding users to wipe down surfaces. For once, airborne infection isn’t the problem, but wiped out from a trainer who’s pushing me. The rest days help, especially if I need to split and stack wood on one of them.

  3. Glad you’re feeling better! Here’s to getting strength and stamina and creativity back!

  4. The folks at the Korean grocery stores.recommend Asian pears for your throat. Old school is baked/stewed pears; new school is Asian pear tea (ie, a spoonful of preserves/jam in a cup of hot water).

    (Any kind of thick jam makes a nice tea, though.)

    • I’ll keep that in mind. This is/was the weak version of the three-week crud that has been sweeping the Plains states and Colorado.

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