Athena T. Cat and the Four Rules

Well, she broke two of them.

I was trying to document and photograph some firearms for sale, since DadRed decided he didn’t want them, and we had duplicates of things. So, I started moving said items to where I had better light in order to record the important info and take pictures.

Athena Cat decided that she needed to help, or at least to be in the way to get petted.

A brief review of the Four Rules.

Rule #1: The firearm is always loaded.

Rule # 2: Never put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

Rule # 3: Don’t point the firearm at anything you are not willing to destroy (or “Why MomRed makes strange noises when you check the sights by pointing said firearm at the china cabinet.”)

Rule # 4: Be aware of what is behind your target.

So, Athena Cat marches in and after stepping on one trigger and a lever, she flopped down in front of the barrels of a .243 and a 20 gauge shotgun.

My bad for putting the firearms on the floor before locking up the cat. (Yes, I had checked every firearm twice to ensure that they were unloaded, BUT I should still have anticipated Athena wandering in.)

Her bad for breaking two of the four rules.

Lesson: Be aware of pets in the area, and don’t be Athena!

I’d hate to have to explain to the ER staff how I got shot in the leg by my house cat.


9 thoughts on “Athena T. Cat and the Four Rules

  1. I’d hate to have to explain to the ER staff how I got shot in the leg by my house cat.

    Yes, that would be embarrassing.

    On the other hand, there are worse places than your leg to be shot by anybody. 😦

  2. The responding K-9 unit would have stern words about trusting a cat. “Woooof!”, to quote Officer Patches.

  3. See? Dogs are much better behaved.
    An occasional lecture about slobber not being an appropriate lubricant, and you’re good.

    • I agree with you. Female dogs are a better choice than male. Marking is all that I need to say.

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