Draft Done, Brain Tired

The draft of Furiously Familiar is done, at 77K words. It needs to simmer on the back burner for a while, because I need to adjust some things in the early chapters, and triple-check moon phases and the like.

I’m on the road today, so please stay (mostly) out of mischief.

13 thoughts on “Draft Done, Brain Tired

    • Yeah.

      We tried just pouring it out, but it set up in the drain. The explosives cracked the pipe.

      I’m no good with heavy equipment. Much of the building still stands, but I think I wrecked the machinery.

        • About that…

          There was one of those incidents where another reality overlaps with this one.

          The copy of the insurance you kept available locally does not contain a rider that covers events near a reality overlap for the category that the other world fits into.

          A stream from their world and a stream from our world are sharing beds, and I had a wizard tell me he wants the legalities sorted out. There’s now a video going viral on youtube of me saying that marriage is between a man and woman, not a stream and a stream.

          • Just for that, you get to clear out Fluffy’s cave today. Mind the coffee maker, we just changed out the plutonium.

            • Turns out I am really bad at that. I am dictating this from the emergency room, as I will be out of contact in the ICU.

              It’s a superfund site now.

              Fluffy has backups somewhere, right? Could someone settle him in to one of those? Thanks.

  1. “I’m on the road today, so please stay (mostly) out of mischief.”

    Now where’s the fun in that? 😉

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