Cajun Christmas Humor

No, not a copy of Gaston the Green-nosed Alligator or The Cajun Night Before Christmas. This is worse. 🙂

You can blame sib-in-law’s brother for this one. Anyone who works as a pirate for a living is going to be a little off kilter. (Yes, he captains a pirate ship. For tourists. He’s having the most fun he’s had since he left the Navy.)


10 thoughts on “Cajun Christmas Humor

  1. I want some cajun zydeco for Christmas.
    Only cajun zydeco will do.
    No fiddle bow, or snowy winter’s glow,
    All I want is cajun zydeco…

  2. My favorite silly Christmas song has to be Allan Sherman’s version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” That flat voice and deadpan delivery…

    Captain of a pirate ship, eh? Whereabouts, may I ask?

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