In the Spirit of the Season…

A rerun, because I have family visiting and spent yesterday morning at the dentist’s office getting a recurring problem dealt with.

I take no responsibility for originating the following. I am merely passing it along…

“Top Ten Thanksgiving Hymns (you probably won’t sing)*”

“Granted, it was a few years ago, but The Mezzo Wore Mink still sets the standard for Thanksgiving pageants: The Singing Hors D’oeuvres, Miles Standish and Pocahontas, the choir dressed up as the four food groups…

And from that musical festival came:

When the Rolls are Cooked by Wanda

Up from the Gravy

Let there be Peas on Earth

What a Friend We Have in Cheeses (All our Brie and Camembert)

Blest be the Pies Combined

His Eye is on the Turkey

Come thou Font of Garlic Dressing

Take my Knife and Lima Bean

Pass me Not the Jellied Salad**

Just as I Yam

*Not sing, but unleash on unsuspecting by-standers and curse as ear-worms, perhaps.

**This version is not condoned by the Disunited Protestant Churches of the Upper Midwest. Because a jello IS a vegetable. Unless it is a fruit. But never a dessert.


9 thoughts on “In the Spirit of the Season…

  1. Very good, and I’ll share with family. A happy and blessed Thanksgiving to all.

    ‘Come thou font of garlic dressing,
    Piquant fragrance fills the air!
    Pass it ’round with ev’ry blessing,
    ‘Til the bowl is scrap-ed bare.’

    Roasted garlic stuffing with savory and rosemary popped up last night, probably because we passed a processor who was roasting commercial amounts of garlic. (Drools) The puns followed from an overdose of brainpower and Church hymns, first as ‘Make us Garlic Mashed Potatoes’, then getting far worse.

  2. Dental problems! Eeeeek! You have my deepest sympathies.

    {=”The dentist!” he repeated. “Six hours in the spiritual abyss, and all because I never thought ​of the dentist! Such a simple, such a beautiful and peaceful thought! Friends, we have passed a night in hell; but now the sun is risen, the birds are singing, and the radiant form of the dentist consoles the world.” =} ——GKChesterton, =The Honour of Israel Gow=

    • The last fifteen minutes, the background music switched to dark ambient, and I thought I was back in high school, furtively listening to “Music from the Hearts of Space” and “Musical Starstreams.”

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