Some Admin Announcements

If you have been browsing through the older Shikhari and Familiars excerpts, but can’t find them again, you have not lost your marbles. Nor is the Internet ganging up on you. I removed a lot of them because the books are now published, and I don’t want to get a “bad author” note from Amazon.

Work on the cover for Called to the Council has begun, and I will be starting the revisions/edits on that in the near future.


8 thoughts on “Some Admin Announcements

  1. The armored-dillo would probably be better for the author’s productivity and nerves – thought of trying to write with Tay or Rodney around….brrr!

  2. I think Smiley Lorraine would do a better job of staying on topic. And if Otto Kruptit shows up, Smiley might be very encouraging–to send him on his way. Though you might prefer the panda that Eats, Shoots, and Leaves.

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