Product Review: Shark Vacuum Cleaner

It sucks very well, perhaps too well for my peace of mind. It moves easily. It is awkward to get used to, and feels off balance. You can see the grunge you get out of the carpet. The bad news is, you can see the grunge you get out of the carpet.

It is the Shark Lift-Away True Pet. The filters are washable, so there is no longer a need to stockpile air filters in anticipation of them being discontinued. Instead of a bag, it has a clear canister that you remove and empty into the garbage. The cord is not as long as the old WindTunnel, but it is long enough for what I need.

It sucks mightily. This is proven by the amount of fur and et cetera that appears in the canister. And by the fact that the carpets are about two shades lighter once I finish. It can also do hard floors, but for that I prefer to use a broom, then Swiffer™.

Things I don’t care for: it is off balance. The weight is not as evenly distributed as on the old vac, and it takes more strength to control. Because the brush head is on more of a ball joint (so it can get into odd corners), keeping the thing going in a straight line feels awkward at first. You have to step on the brush head to tip the rest of it back into the run position, rather than pressing a little lever. That makes me wonder if I’m breaking something, even though I’m not. The instruction manual, English-language section, is twenty five pages. Although the book says that the brush head will not get hair caught up in it, it does. (Granted, I have waist-length hair and a semi-long-haired cat.)

Overall, I am pleased with the thing thus far. We’ll see how it does for the long haul. I don’t anticipate getting 25 years out of this one, but ten years would be nice.

If you have problems with shoulder strength or weak wrists, I’d suggest looking at a different model. Otherwise it does the job and I’m pretty pleased with it. I’m not so pleased with the amount of gunk (and fur) it picks up, but that’s a different problem.

This model is available at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, or through the manufacturer.

FTC Notice: I purchased this for my own use and have received no remuneration or consideration from the manufacturer for this review.

8 thoughts on “Product Review: Shark Vacuum Cleaner

  1. One of the fun things about vacuum cleaners is when advertising runs into culture. I still laugh (now that I’m living in America) at the advertisements for Electrolux vacuum cleaners in South Africa, which stridently proclaimed, “Nothing sucks like Electrolux!” Needless to say, US consumers would not regard that as an endorsement . . .

  2. The best new is blaming the cat for excess hair, dander and dirt. The cat doesn’t get a verbal reply. Shedding disdain, however …

    • Oh, she does that very well. This morning she steadfastly ignored the open door and demanded that the closed door (which leads to almost the same place) be opened instead.

  3. It looks like my recently ( a couple years ago) Dyson purchase. Which works well on our pet hair and stuff. I always find lots in the canister to empty.. I haven’t noticed a balance problem with it, just the usual vacuum hose issues. (too stiff, or just not moving the way I would like)

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