Long Week or Short Week?

Well, if the World Series goes to seven games, it’s gonna be a long one around Redquarters.

MomRed bleeds Astros orange. It’s a familial affliction, er, tendency. Her father played for the original Texas-Louisiana League back in the 1920s-early 30s, before his work in the oil patch sent him all over the US and elsewhere. He followed the Astros almost from their founding, sitting in the back room of the house, eating pistachios (red), and listening to the games on the radio.

Back when the cheap seats in the Astrodome really were cheap, Papa (my grandfather), Sib, Mom, and I would go and cheer for Jose Cruz and watch a game a year live. That was back when the announcers had to explain that the crowd wasn’t booing, but calling out, “Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuz.”

So the Astros making the World Series is a bit of a big deal, especially since the Texans (feetball) aren’t doing so well this year. It could be a long, or short, week.

And Amarillo’s new minor-league team, the Sodpoodles, won their championship.


14 thoughts on “Long Week or Short Week?

    • That was my thought, as well.
      (More merch to buy, I guess.)

      The Yankees are my second-most despised baseball team, so I’m happy to see the Astros win. (Hey, I’m a Mariners fan. The Brewers are necessarily #1. And given the choice between throwing Hillery Clinton or Bud Selig into a pit of rabid weasels, I’d only hesitate briefly before Selig went sailing through the air. To explain to those with only passing familiarity, Seattle’s first baseball team was the expansion team The Pilots. They existed for only one year, as the cockroach Selig immediately moved them to Milwaukee. *This* is who the owners chose as their corrupt “interim commissioner” for 23 years of MLB’s precipitous decline.)

      That said…
      I’m slightly disappointed that Trump won’t be wearing a Yankees cap to Washington home games. The anguish would be epic.
      Especially if the Nationals lost.

      • If you wanna throw Bud Selig in the weasel pit, I’ll help. He’s the guy who moved the Brewers to the NL, then forced the Astros to move to the AL. Dammit, the Astros belong in the senior circuit.

  1. The SodPoodles????

    What happened to the Gold Sox? I went to one of their games back in August 1977.

  2. Well, I won’t be following it.

    While not really a baseball fan, I root for the Cardinals and who ever is playing against the Cubs. đŸ˜ˆ

  3. I’m with you on that ‘affliction’ – I don’t care about baseball. My wife doesn’t either. On the opposite, my wife’s family lives outside Houston and is absolutely FANATICAL about them. It is definitely an addiction for them!

  4. Won’t be following either. Haven’t watched but 2 games since the strike in 94. A pox on both their houses…

  5. Houston, it’s the different word. Philadelphia, it will always be a boo, with additional or replacement ‘punctuation’ depending on the object of their intention.

    At the 1976 All-Star game, the camera was on the AL manager as he was introduced. His face read “yep, here it comes …”. Three minutes of solid booing, rolling around the stadium; but it was a good-natured boo. He then grinned and tipped his cap to the stands, resulting in two minutes of cheers. It was Gene Mauch, who as manager of the Phillies lost the NL championship and a 12-game lead with 13 games remaining in the season, in the last pre-expansion year. An amazing and snake-bit collapse, probably unequaled.

  6. 1962 expansion team vs a 1969 expansion team. The Astros have become quite a story these past few years.

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