Product Review: Salsa Mix

You come home from fairs with interesting things, some times. In this case, it was a new-to-me product that is a salsa mix, from Simple Salsa ( ). The can has the dry ingredients. All you do is add a can of crushed or diced tomatoes, blend with one scoop of the dry stuff, let sit for 10-15 minutes for the dry vegetables to rehydrate and the flavors to mingle, and you have salsa.

The kind Dorothy and I got is the new Green Hatch mild. It has a good flavor, warm but not overly hot. It comes in a nice cardboard can, and the lid is very sturdy and fits tightly. Inside is a foil pouch and a scoop. Open the pouch, plop one scoop of the powder into the tomatoes or other liquid, and go from there. The can closes well.

I mixed up a batch on Sunday, using one 15 oz can of chunk tomatoes. Then I dunked three nice, decently fatty pork chops in the blend, turned them a few times to get good and coated in salsa, and covered the bowl. We left it out on the counter at room temp for four hours. Then the chops got baked, uncovered but with more salsa dolloped on top and around them, at 350 F until the interior temp was 150 F. They rested while the veggies finished nuking, then the family dined.

The chops stayed very tender and moist, with a good flavor all the way through. The flavor of the salsa is spicy but not fiery hot. You know you are eating something warm, but it doesn’t burn the mouth and attached pieces the way some things do. The flavor is a little darker than jalapeno pepper alone.

The company’s website is a little dated but easy to navigate, and the recipes seem reasonable. They say you can use their mixes as rubs, or blend the salsa mix into sour cream for a dip. *wags paw* Go for it, I’ll pass.

One can of the mix makes eighteen times 15 ounces of salsa, so the $14/can price (plus shipping if you don’t get it at a fair or trade show) works out to be pretty reasonable.

Good stuff.

4 thoughts on “Product Review: Salsa Mix

  1. Huh, I’d never heard of that stuff. I’m used to the ‘homemade’ versions, and it’s usually the greener the color, the hotter it is… Gotta order this one, since we like Hatch chilies down here, as you know.

  2. I’m going to try this. At the beginning of the calendar year, I went on a brown-rice-and-salsa-for-breakfast kick. I discovered I can’t make salsa from fresh ingredients as cheaply as I can buy the Pace in the big container, and I sort of prefer the Pace, anyway, because I wasn’t adding any salt to my home-made.
    But this may be a nice alternative.

  3. I may budget this for next month: the salsa basws look interesting to try. I’m thinking of adding about 1T and maybe 2 oz. water to ground beef, and make chiliburgers.

    I’m committed to making old school salsa, since the Anaheims, poblanos, and cayennes came in hot and heavy. Heavy to the point of bending plant stems way down.
    Just need food Roma or plum tomatoes.

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