September Updates

Work has started on the cover of Hopling and Pouchling. As soon as the cover is ready, I’ll release the book, so I hope to have it out by early October.

Eerily Familiar is at 32,000 words and counting. Halloween as a release date was too optimistic, so I’ll aim for mid-November.

White-Gold and Empire has been set aside for now. I will try to have it ready for a January 2020 release, but I can’t promise anything.

Called to the Council is now the title of the sixth Shikhari book. A pre-Christmas release is planned, and the book is in alpha read at the moment. I’ll be asking beta readers to look at it soon.

Right now, I do not have anything else simmering, although we all know what that means. Yes, something will hit me from left field and the muse will stand there and point and laugh. Perhaps something based on Charles X of Sweden, who really should have quit while he was ahead?

8 thoughts on “September Updates

  1. Charles X of Sweden, who really should have quit while he was ahead

    Why am I thinking about a bad joke? πŸ˜‰

  2. Empire and Rangers? Some to guard or enforce a buffer zone, but protect traders?

    When in doubt, Do Not Poke The Bear. The Bear will respond.

  3. Where can I send notice of continuity errors in books? Fountains has Raymond Young as Bettina’s assistant several times, and a couple tmes it’s Raymond Jones.

      • Excuse me, best place to send errata. Sorry about the cut off. A thunderstorm popped up right over the house, leading to rapid departures from the internet, and much unplugging of electronics. (I had a computer almost burn down an apartment because of a lightning strike/power surge that got through a surge protector. If I hadh’t been home and heard something strange, the thing would have caught fire.)

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