Due to Dentist…

and eye-glasses shop (dark glasses, at last!!!), and waiting at drug store for prescription, and grading, I lack a brain sufficient to blog.

It turns out that there are very few lens labs remaining that grind glass. Combine that with lousy timing—right before school starts—and you get to wait a month and more for glass lenses to be ground and put into frames and shipped back. But I now have two pair of indoor glasses and a pair of dark glasses once more.

11 thoughts on “Due to Dentist…

  1. Why glass, if you don’t mind my asking?
    (I go for the lightest materials available, and the bloody things still annoy the heck out of me.)

    • I prefer safety glass for every-day, and plastic for my large “reading” glasses. I have to be able to dry my every-day (smaller lens) glasses on paper towels and shirt tails. Thus far, no coating on any plastic can handle industrial-strength paper towels.

      I’ve worn glasses since I was 10, bifocals for the past 15 years, and with small lenses, the weight difference doesn’t bother me. For the big-lens glasses that I keep at home, yes, those are plastic.

  2. Yay for new glasses! It’s so much easier to handle what the world throws at you when you can see it coming! …And yes, I’m coming ’round to your way of thinking. I never liked sunglasses before, but North Texas has made a believer out of me.

    • I have all the risk factors for cataracts, other than being an international long-haul pilot, so dark glasses and the hat are strongly recommended by the eye-doctor as well as the dermatologist. Plus my eyes are light sensitive because of my astigmatism.

      • Foster Grant makes the “old man sunglasses” under the Solar Shield name. These are side-tinted quasi-goggles and fit over regular glasses. I started to use them after eye surgery where the pupil was dilated for weeks at a time.

        I used to use Transitions photochromic lenses, but they take forever to lighten up in cold areas. Walking into a dark barn in winter was a challenge.

        I’m old enough to be on Medicare, so I don’t give a rip if they make me look like an old man. It took years of work to accomplish that. 🙂

        • “Old Man Sunglasses”?????

          I use Solar Shield sunglasses and I don’t think they’re “Old Man Sunglasses”! 😦

          As for “looking old”, I think the white in my beard does that more that Solar Shield. 😀

          • At 67, I’m maybe at the median age point for our general store/pharmacy, and they’re a hit with the 80 and up crowd. Since I also have a somewhat paralyzed pupil (the joys of surgical procedures), the side shields are helpful. My beard is at the “extinguished” point, to borrow from Nik Van Rynn. 🙂

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