I’m trying to get caught ahead, because I will be doing concert stuff all day on Saturday (0800-2100).

I’ve gone through Shikhari 6 again, and will let it sit for a week or so before sending it out to beta readers.

The climax of a new Familiars novel hit me on Monday night while working on a piece of music. My muse has an appalling sense of timing, since I was sitting on the front row center, right in front of the conductor, in the middle of the piece, at the time.

The cover for Fountains of Mercy is in the final stages and once that’s done, all that is left is formatting and upload. The artist will begin the cover of Hopling and Pouchling not long after that.

For those wondering about the song:

As I’ve said before, my Muse is seriously strange.

14 thoughts on “Sorry…

  1. Sorry for what?

    Being too busy for a larger post isn’t something IMO to be sorry for. 😀

  2. I’m still wondering when you’re going to get around to a non-human magic-using entity of some kind, who has a human familiar. Perhaps a visiting extraterrestrial magician who gets “adopted” – but who’s adopted whom?

    Otherwise, I have to say, your “Familiars” books are among your best work ever. I really like them. (Being one of your meatspace Familiars, I can say that with some authority!)

    • Please, don’t poke the Muse. I got the rest of the plot last night during a congregational meeting. I’m getting a little nervous as to what might ambush me during the homily!

      • Besides Fr. Rimfire and an interrupted baptism for Officer Macbeth’s first child? The Asperger of Divine Justice in use?

        Whoops, I didn’t say that, Muse. Down!

        My own myse ran to wierd ideas and story notes in tech reviews and high level meetings. Very cryptic notes on post-its.

  3. “As I’ve said before, my Muse is seriously strange.”

    Judging by the (very few) authors I know personally or even online, sometimes it seems like a higher rating on the Strange Muse Meter equals better stories. True, or not?

  4. I don’t think your Muse is strange at all. What I have heard and seen of Muses is that they do that to just about everyone. Sort of like familiars, I guess. Or did you model your familiars on Muses?

  5. From what I’ve heard and seen of Muses, yours is pretty typical. They’re a little like familiars in that regard. Or did you model familiars on your Muse?

    • Oops, didn’t see the first post show up after a couple of minutes and assumed it hadn’t gone through. Sorry …

    • I think the Familiars came from one too many “cute talking animal” cartoons with Red 2.0 when she was much younger. Otherwise? I have no idea.

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