Better for the Planet?

Apparently, because of not living on the Coasts or in a major city, I missed the memo that 1. waffle cones will save the planet from the evil polluting effects of cardboard bowls and plastic spoons, and 2. that plant-based ice-cream has a smaller effect on the environment than does Ye Olde cow-milk sort. Since I’m a fan of waffle cones, I see no problem with people eating the serving dish rather than throwing it away, although some of the bright colors (hot pink, kelly green, electric blue) are a touch disconcerting.

I’m not certain about the plant-based ice-cream being better for the planet, though.

The argument goes something along the lines of: cows eat a lot, generate lots of waste including methane gas and CO2, and the industrial plant required by commercial dairies for milking, transport, and then making ice cream all generate a lot of pollution and require large amounts of energy. This is bad. Plants absorb CO2, and plant-based milks and ice-cream need less energy and generate less waste.

I’ll agree that if you cannot eat dairy products and yet want ice-cream, plant-based ice-cream would be a very good thing. And if made properly, it could be Kosher and eaten after either a dairy meal or a meat meal. Those are both pretty good arguments for plant-based ice-cream.

However, saving the planet? Hold on a moment. We are talking soy, almond, coconut, or other domesticated plants, many of which require a fairly large amount of “inputs”—fertilizer, pesticides, fungicides, irrigation water, and other things—in order to produce the best yield. Then they have to be planted, tended, and harvested. Then the ingredients are processed, using machines made from steel (mined), copper (mined), plastics (mined), probably cooled and powered by electricity (coal/natural gas, maybe solar/wind/hydro/tide). Then transported (mined, grown [if bio-diesel]), kept cold at a store or in the house (electricity again), and then eaten.

What if the plant-based ice-cream company buys carbon offsets so the above don’t count?

Hold on another moment. Have you read about how people are forced off of their land in order for outside companies to plant trees as carbon offsets? Or the fraud in the carbon market? Trees that in some cases are cut and sold as firewood, which is burned and pollutes the air? And that can damage the native flora and fauna?

If you want plant-based ice-cream, great. Go for it. Especially if you like the flavor, and enjoy making it. I’ll stick with dairy-based ice-cream, thanks. I know what goes into it, what the process is, and really, I’m pretty OK with that.*


*Yes, I have first-hand knowledge of what some of the huge commercial dairies do, and the way the don’t properly dispose of their waste, and what becomes of unwanted dairy calves. Don’t lecture me on that particular topic, please.

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25 thoughts on “Better for the Planet?

  1. Serve it on a triple layer, waxed jute bowl. Top with finely ground plant ash. Voila! Kill two cow exploiters with one shrub.

    Sackcloth and ashes, for the virtue signalers. Of course, it will taste awful, but that’s why the virtue signal.

    • A very woke food magazine just had an explanation of how to make edible ice cream bowls from Trix or Froot Loops. (Basically you make bowl-shaped Rice Krispy Treats with more strength, and then you refrigerate them.)

      I do not think people.really are worried about the planet.

      • I like that idea. Add scoops of raspberry and French vanilla ice cream, and it’s summer dinner.

        Grease a regular bowl and pack a layer of robust mix on the outside. Used the same trick with Corelle bowls and gingerbread dough to make edible cookie serving bowls.

  2. I do not eat Dairy. My current doctor says that if I properly address some of the other stuff I may one day be able to eat dairy again safely. That does not hugely motivate me.

    ‘The Planet’ as those @$%&#*^ use it does not exist. The ‘biosphere’ and the core have very little to do with each other. Destruction that includes the core was covered on the old geocide website, and would be very hard for humans to do by accident. Narrower destruction is arbitrarily defined, often grounded in mystical thinking, and the models predicting fragility are often sketchy. The Indians destroyed the Earth centuries or millennia ago when they created the Great Plains. *spits*

    If someone uses that sort of argument on you, they abdicate any moral grounds to object to having it thrown back in their face with a target they at least pretend to object to capricious persecution of. Given the fussing about illegals… The planet will be safe when Spanish is spoken only in Hell.

  3. It would be better for the Planet if those morons dropped dead.

    And at times I think we should “hurry them along”. 😈

      • You’re confusing me. If it’s “willed” stupidity, then they are morally responsible.
        Every choice you make is a choice you made. Every thing you do is a thing you did.

        • Because the very few genuine morons don’t have the ability to be anything else. The problem is the great number who have abdicated their responsibility to use about 1/(e^2) of the sense that they were born to have and use.

      • So?

        To protect the Planet and the non-morons, they should be removed.

        Why bring morality into what is just a “house-cleaning measure”? 😈

        • Because the ability to exercise moral responsibility makes the self-willed ‘morons’ seriously evil (total renunciation of Practical Wisdom) and capable of far more harm than the innocent true morons. Example: the young man sweeping the highway rest area where Morgana and Smiley stopped, and Smiley had his squirrel snack, leading to a pun that must have been two books in the making.

  4. Fun fact: I once visited the largest dairy in the world, at least at that time. 26,000 cows. Approximately 100 kazillion flies. Yikes.

    It is in Saudi Arabia, near Al Kharj, about 50 miles southeast of Riyadh, and right across the road from Prince Sultan Royal Saudi Air Force Base.

    24/7 milking operations.

    And 100 kazillion flies.

    I don’t think the Saudis give a cowpie about “plant based ice cream.” (But they do like their ice cream).

    100 kazillion flies. OMA.

  5. The thing that bugs me about the “vegan to save the world” calculations is that they NEVER account for land that can’t grow stuff humans can eat, but can grow stuff animals can convert into stuff we can eat.

    • Don’t forget that there are “Vegans” idiot enough to put cats on a vegan diet. 😦

    • And ruminants can convert cellulose (straw) into human-usable calories. They also concentrate calcium for us (milk).

  6. “inputs”—fertilizer
    Yes, fertilizer, also known as … animal waste. At least if you want ‘organic’ (and I’m sure these folks do).
    Logic and reason are not the strong suits of these people.

    • They want people to use Organic fertilizer, you know HUMAN Organic fertilizer, just like they do in China.

    • I’ve been around farms that use manure to fertilize. If they apply it, then don’t spike it in promptly, oh boy. The stench. The flies. Compared to that, a farm that’s just been drenched in anhydrous ammonia’s not at all fragrant.

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