Distinctly Familiar now Available

Lelia and Tay stumble onto a haunted sewing machine. Or do they?

Something strange is scaring the seals, and making George wonder if his Familiar, Gus, has been in the beer-fridge again.

A shadow mage ventures out beyond the sea dikes and finds something older than she imagines.

And eight-hundred-fifty kilos of Familiar starts looking through the Polish want-ads, trying to find a job, as her mage sorts out a family problem.

Four stories of high adventure and humor, with a dash of danger and a few sprinkles of folk-lore just for fun.


20 thoughts on “Distinctly Familiar now Available

  1. Got the KU version. I’ll have to wait until the 3rd before I can purchase it. 😉

    • I got it on KU also. Not quite sure how that works out for Alma as compared to purchase price. KU pays by the page read and I know a lot of authors figure about 60-70% of the profit they get off a sale, but I’d have to figure out how many pages the book is and look up what Amazon is currently paying per page. On the other hand when I reread it on KU Alma gets paid again. So I figure over time it evens out for the author.

  2. Purchased. The rolled change went for good entertainment. I can hear Gus intoning ” In taberna quando sumus …”

  3. So there I was, a few essays into Sowell’s “Controversial Essays”, when this new book popped into the front of my reading queue….
    Oh, well. There’ll be time for Sowell later; he’s timeless. Now, more than ever, is the time for a fun read.

  4. Gus reminds me of a button I saw years ago in a catalogue: ‘INCORRIGIBLE PUNSTER. DO NOT INCORRIGE’.

  5. I’m not familiar with the settings and procedures used for electron microscopes, but 3000 microns (micrometers) is 3 millimeters. That seems like a large distance for such things.

    Maybe 3000 nanometers?

    • I don’t know. When I went to the manufacturers’ web-sites, they used thousands of microns. (They also really, really wanted me to order one of their lovely systems. Not quite Amazon One-click easy, but they don’t make it difficult.)

      • Maybe that’s the width of the imaged area? That resolution seems within the limits of a visible light microscope.

        • I’m sorry, but I don’t have that data off the top of my head. I’ll have to go back to some textbooks that I loaned out and dig that out.

  6. No better place to put this–
    Look online for Michael Stackpole’s story =The Cards Call Themselves=. Read the description of Merlin Bloodstone: “… feeling very -necropolitan- … like a well-dressed Goth, if Goths dressed well.” Lelia and Eddie would have something to say!

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