July ’19 State of the Author


OK, now that that’s out of my system… Decidedly Familiar is wrapping up at the moment. I have a cover, so I’m letting the last story mellow before I go through and edit everything.

Fountains of Mercy, the last Colplatschki book, and the first chronologically, is in edits and cover, and should be done soon.

Hopling and Pouchling: Shikari Book Five is in edits and cover, and will release in September, I hope.

Shikhari six is at 25K words.

The next Merchant book has been started but got muscled out of the way by Shikhari. You can tell Kor to wait his turn. I’ll be hiding over in those caves.

After that? I have a fantasy novel brewing very loosely based on Indian pre-history, and no idea what comes after that.

I bit of a story idea jumped me, a dystopia setting that is sort of Bladerunner Meets Bitcoin about the US turning into two economies, one of the elites that is all electronic and one of the rest of us that is still currency and real goods changing hands. No idea if that will go anywhere, because that’s getting into research I don’t really have the background info to do well.

I will be attending Ama-Con in August but as a member of the public, not as a guest. I didn’t try to get LibertyCon tickets because June 2020 was booked before I got back this year.

5 thoughts on “July ’19 State of the Author

  1. I’d expected a huge inrush for LibertyCon, but… ox stunned, yes. Delayed breakfast to register.. was closed out before we got to $RESTAURANT (alright, not in same town, but it’s NOT far away. Day-yamn!)

  2. Still amazed at your output! Sorry you’ll miss LC again. Folks were wondering where you were.

    • I think I’ve been cursed for LibertyCon. 2019 I didn’t try because of the original date, then they changed the date but I still couldn’t make it. 2020 I can’t make because of the mid-June, not late June date. I’m almost afraid of what 2021 might bring.

  3. Kor … that sounds like Howard’s description of his Conan stories, as if they were recounted by himself as he recalled old tales, on infrequent visits. I’m leaving the descriptor of someone telling Conan to get it in order to John C. Wright.

    Dimes and pennies are rolled and waiting.

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