The turning of the summer. From now, the days grow shorter. Time to feast, to enjoy the warmth and bounty of mid-summer, a time when nights are not so dark, the cold far from mind. The summer solstice, or in German Die Sommerwende, the turning of summer.

Some year’s ago I was in Innsbruck at the Solstice. I didn’t speak German as well as I now do, but I sussed out that there wasn’t that much of St. John in the Johannesabend celebrations. It was about fire, and light. The bonfires on the ridges and peaks confirmed that.

Have a wonderful day.

9 thoughts on “Sommerwende

  1. My father had what I can only think of as a perverse attraction to daylight, given that he was brought up in the Panhandle and settled in Austin. He didn’t quite start mourning the shortening days on June 22, but by August of each year he was given to brooding that winter was coming on. As if it ever seriously came to Austin!

  2. I arrived in Germany in May of 1986 and rented an apartment. After work on my first day in the apartment I decided to clean it top to bottom. Put on some shorts, shoes and T-shirt, left watch on the dresser. Blitzkrieged the cleaning for a while and was surprised at how exhausted I was. I was judging the passage time by the light coming in the window, and that told me it was only about 7 pm, or about 2 hours worth of cleaning. I happened to look at a clock and realized it was 10pm! I had forgotten that with Germany being at a much higher latitude than the Oklahoma I had just left behind that summer daylight hours went waayyy into the evening.

    The downside being that the winter dark hours were miserable.

        • I have visions of Warner Bros. style animated shorts featuring them, with Angus banging Tay on an anvil in time to a Rossini overture.

      • It is a shame the setting isn’t steampunk or worse. Because then you could have a floating courthouse over Dixon, Illinois. Our valiant heroine finds herself summoned to a court appearance there.

        *up past bedtime, babbles madly about the inhuman but not entirely hostile intelligence that befriended young Ronnie*

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