Who Moved my Cereal?

OK, enough is enough. They are remodeling, sort-of, the drugstore cum natural-stuff emporium where I get my medicines, drug-store stuff, and cereal.

They moved the cereal. Specifically the stuff I have been eating for over a decade now, because my gastroenterologist recommended it. They are the only place that stocks it on a regular basis, and so I buy it there rather than ordering it. And it moved!!!!!

It’s bad enough that the little corner of “healthy stuff” has expanded to take over half the store. It’s bad enough that the shifted other things around and made me play “hunt the toothpaste.” But my cereal? Really? Why can’t they just leave it across from the milk and frozen meals, where it has lived for lo this past decade?

No. First I looked among the cereals now on an island in the middle of the central aisle. Nope. Then I checked with the *shudder* super-healthy, ancient-grains, denser-than-depleted-uranium breads.


This was seriously starting to harsh my mellow. My head-cold had cranked up and added a cough, I had spent the morning administering a test I shouldn’t have had to, I’d just learned of one last faculty meeting, gas prices went up, there’s more road construction, and they relocated my cereal.

It now hides at the opposite end, opposite side, of the same row where it had lived before, on the bottom shelf. I snagged two boxes and checked out before I lost my temper entirely.

Come on, Universe, quit messing with my mind, please? There’s not that much left of it as it is.

16 thoughts on “Who Moved my Cereal?

  1. Sympathies for the universe playing naughty games.

    That bread, IIRC, was the rejected part of the military’s new advanced composite armor. Not “sticky” enough. I had bread like that dull a serrated knife, and make me think about mistreating a bandsaw to cut fully. The laser cutter was too much. 🙂

  2. Why did they move your cereal?

    – Because it went against the grain?

    – Because you write in episodes, a.k.a. a cereal story?

    – Because it might give you the kernel of an idea?

    Try the veal. I’ll be here all week!


  3. Is there somebody/something you can safely kill? 👿

    Take care.

    • At times like that, I’m glad I can walk from my house to the shooting range!

  4. By moving things around, they cause frequent shoppers to take a detailed look at the other products they have on offer, and increase the time available for shoppers to make impulse purchases.

    There’s a reason stores do this. It’s profitable for them.
    Annoying, but true.

  5. Considering the age old tradition of Senior Sneak Day. Teachers ought to be able to play hooky for the last faculty meeting of the year.

    • NRW, since that’s usually the in-service day scheduled after students’ last day, I can hear teachers whooping and running to the margarita, oops, ice cream truck. Better half thought long and hard about that, a couple times.

      And I’m not fielding any of Peter’s questions. Too harrowing. 🙂

    • I almost didn’t make it, because of a computer system glitch on Thursday, but that got sorted out at the absolute last minute, so I could attend. We have three retirements this year, and I’m very close to two of the outgoing folks, so I wanted to be there. (And Sr. Mary Conjugation made her super-special and very rare *lowers voice, looks around for students* maple-pecan-apple cake.)

  6. That happens here, too. A Trader Joe’s that I’ve been shopping at since Moses was a lad, decided to stir the pot. Fortunately, it’s not near as big as a WalMart, . But sometimes they don’t just move the stuff, they move the shelves. I think they oughtta change the name when they do that: “The New, Exciting Trader Joe’s !”

    Grocery stores plan their layouts so that things that just might go together in the kitchen are at opposite ends of the store. They really want you to wander around and find some more stuff you can’t do without.

  7. Luke is right, and I’m amazed they hadn’t moved it before… It IS frustrating, and I’ve complained more than once to store managers, for all the good THAT did… sigh

    • Apparently having it right across from four kinds of diet/diet with protein/lactose-free/vegan-milk milk had worked up until this past week.

    • That doesn’t help quite as much as a FedEx or other overnight letter to the head of the company. That might also not work, but it’s nice, potent dope-slap. I suppose a receipt (one item only, paid in cash) showing the item purchased at their competitor might also help: “I could FIND it at $COMPETITION.”

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