So, apparently the weather earlier this spring agreed with the roses.

Some Knock-out™ roses. They are four years old and hitting their stride.

Spring has hit its stride after flipping and flopping between summer and late winter.

Gertrude Jekyll going strong. The rest of the bush is over eight feet tall, and is about to be come a menace when the wind blows.

Candy-Cane Cocktail™, a new-to-Redquarters rose. Yes, it is striped. Thus the name.

Roses generally don’t hit their stride for at least two years. They will develop roots, and bloom a little, but you need at least four years (up here) before they have settled in and start prolific blooms.

Ketchup and Mustard, with the attack salvia lurking at the top of the photo. By the end of the week, the salvia will have advanced and be trying to eat the rose and pansies. Trust me, nothing stops the attack salvia.


8 thoughts on “Rose-plosion

  1. Last year, a really old rose bush decided to bloom on our property. Not sure of its age, but the old mill-site and company town was opened in 1923 and closed in 1950, with a couple of lilacs from that era. The rose was entangled in the smaller lilac. So, 69 to 96 years old.

    We’re having another wet spring, so I think we’re going to have more yellow roses and lilac blooms.

    • Cool weather favors yellows and pinks. We don’t have many pastel roses, aside from Jacques Cartier, because they fade so badly in the heat and sun. Jacques Cartier is actually self-seeded, and what you see are the descendants of the first rose.

  2. Salvia, also sometimes referred to as Bee Balm. My Dad used to have it growing at the end of our high bush blueberries. You really need the native bumblebees to pollinate blueberries as they flower early for New England and European honey bees are still sleeping in due to cold weather until the blueberry flowers have mostly passed. No pollination no blueberries. The salvia was a reward for the Bumblebees as they just loved it. And yes salvia expands to fill the space available and 10% more…

  3. Best wishes for making it through last night’s weather unscathed. I bet the cat was rotating herself.

    • Thank you. We got a round at 0800, then a cold front came through and parked just south of us. We were cold and grey, as opposed to blue-black and noisy. However, the weekend is coming…

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