The Ides of April

For a little tax-day levity, go visit “Allegra and Ruby Assist with Tax Preparation.

I had to pay a little this year. The revised allowable professional deductions got me.

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10 thoughts on “The Ides of April

  1. Ah, the Ides of April was the 13th.

    Quote From Wiki

    Ides (calendar), a day in the Roman calendar that fell roughly in the middle of the month. In March, May, July, and October it was the 15th day of the month; in other months it was the 13th.

    End Quote

    Oh, this came up in one of Asimov’s Black Widowers stories. 😈

  2. I’ll forward the link to a good friend, who’s a CPA, in a couple days. He’ll laugh wildly after tax season closes, with a good drink in hand.

    The cat did take an interest on the piles of paper, which meant coaxing her away with a laser pointer.

  3. Bit the bullet last year, and decided to start paying quarterly. That was one painful April. BUT. Made my 4th payment in January, filed the end of February, got a nice refund in March, and resumed the cycle most appropriately on April Fool’s day. MUCH less stressful, on the psyche and the wallet.

  4. One time (and one time only ) I managed to get my withholding and deductions almost perfect: I got a refund of $52 from the Feds and owed $76 to the state. That’ll never happen again. . .

  5. Mnemonic: “In March, July, October, May/The Ides are on the fifteenth day.” (Imprinted on my memory from Grade 10 Latin).

    So, as Shakeseare’s Soothsayer might have said, the Ides of April are come, AND they’re past. ;o)

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