Well, That’s settled…

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Federal Judges may not rule from beyond the grave. As the article on Foxnews.com puts it,  “But the high court, vacating the decision of a federal appeals court, said Monday that “federal judges are appointed for life, not for eternity.” ‘

However, they can still vote in certain districts.


10 thoughts on “Well, That’s settled…

  1. Reinhardt was supposed to be the most overturned-by-SCOTUS judge on the 9th circuit. Since the decision which he authored and post-humously voted for was vacated as well, looks like he died as he lived. Seems fitting.

    • And President Trump with help from Senators Graham and McConnell just appointed a new judge to circus, over the objections of California Democrats.

  2. I’m not opposed to the decision, but it wouldn’t be a travesty if it went the other way. Naturally there has to be some deadline, and it should be known in advance, but it could just as well be when the decision was written. Likewise, we don’t track down and destroy the mailed-in absentee ballots of people who die the day before an election.

    • No we don’t, but I believe by law they are not legal votes. So in a contested recount they would (should) all be thrown out.

    • The rules of Federal Appeals Courts are that the judges can change their decision up to the last minute when the decision is officially read. Since – in theory – the deceased could have changed his decision, that had an effect on the SCOTUS decision. Plus they did not consider Scalia’s preliminary ruling when the SCOTUS met after his death, so they had to uphold their own precedent.

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