Feb ’19 State of the Author

Tired. Illness at home + busy school = tired Alma

I’m just under 55K words on the fifth Shikari book. I’m starting revisions to Miners and Empire right now. I wrote it in 20 days and it shows, so I’m having to trim out some repeated passages and clarify a few things. That is one advantage to letting it sit fallow for three months – I can see where readers would get confused.

I’ve got ideas for a few more Familiar stories, including an oceanic geologist named George Andrew Custler (he hates his parents) with an octopus Familiar who goes by Gus. Gus’s real name is Octavian and he hates it. Gus enjoys tormenting grad students and really does not care for football/soccer. Odd, that. Plus more Morgana and Smiley, and Lelia Chan’s adventures in fashion, Magnolia and a ghost, and the further adventures of Dr. Lewis and Blackwell at a vet conference.

Then it is on to the last Colplatschkie book, which needs a quick re-read before going to edits and cover.

I will be doing an author day with the other North Texas Reprob—, ahem, Writers in early March. Tinytown Library, Bait-shop, and Farrier may never recover.

I’m supposed to be learning a new language this spring, but I’m not sure if my brain is up to it. We’ll see.

13 thoughts on “Feb ’19 State of the Author

  1. Which language? And, look forward to seeing you! I’m working, but I”ll definitely sneak out for a long lunch to see my favourite reprob…. friends!

  2. Sorry to hear you’re feeling run down. Seems to be going across the whole country right now.

    Ah, the Slavic language project? Which one did you pick? I’m guessing Czech, for the whole Bohemia thing.

    • Czech. Ideally I’d be using a German software package and books to learn it, because it is easier to lean through German than directly from English (per people who know), but that’s not an option at the moment.

  3. You ‘ve got more ambition than I do. Looking forward to whatever you want to put out there, but especially the Shikari book. I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed a series more. Thank you!

  4. That sounds like a bunch of great inspiration for Familiar tales. Gus has 8 reprehensib-, er, prehensile limbs, and s huh Luke get in and out of trouble faster.

    I’ll have to start book on whose fans are first with the “Really Reprehensible” parody lyrics to “Simply Irresistible”.

    • Stupid otto korrekt: should get in and out of trouble. Maybe Gus has an evil cousin Skippy, who’s responsible for it.

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