Historical Illiteracy Exhibit [large number]

So, a group of eager anti-slavery activists attacked yet another Confederate statue, trying to melt it or (it was made of stone) heat and then crack it, bringing down another hated symbol of oppression and racism…

Pro-tip for protestors: Not everyone named Lee was related to Robert E.

Someone with more gall than sense tried to destroy the statue of Gen. William C. Lee, a WWII paratrooper. You know, the guys who jumped from airplanes to fight the original NAZIs and real Fascists? Yeaaaahhhhh.


If my Grandpa Carl was still alive, he’d have a group of his friends from the 82nd and 101st out looking for the misguided souls, in order to gently remonstrate with them about the follies of their ignorance and provide follow-up counseling. Probably starting with a two-by-four.

This here is what you call weapons-grade stupidity and ignorance.


12 thoughts on “Historical Illiteracy Exhibit [large number]

  1. Yikes. Some ones just begged for a personal counseling session by the Fayetteville Freikorps. General Charles Lee, who almost singlehandedly lost the Battle of Monmouth, could be understood.

    • And wasn’t R. E. Lee the son of a Revolutionary War hero? Oh, but the American Revolution is considered a wrong turn of history on modern campuses, is it not?

  2. Their goal is to attack and destroy any sense of white history and culture. They don’t care that it was a WWII hero instead of a civil war hero – it was a statue of a heroic white man. Can’t have that sort of thing, making the whites all uppity.

    • The doers may well be as purely racist as you imply. The inciters are Marxists, trying to erase history so that the arrow of history causes their New Jerusalem to manifest.

    • Their goal goes beyond that … they see America as an uppity nation that needs to be put in its place; that’s why they give apology tours, undermine our efforts to confront tyranny, and support open borders.

      But even those, are derived from their ultimate goal:

      Progressives seek to lord it over us.

      President Trump does not.

      That IS the difference that counts.

      • In college in the late 1970’s, I painfully learned that the rush of “speaking truth to power” is addicting. Fortunately, reality quickly stepped in and showed me how I was maligning people who had not actually wronged anyone, and broke the addiction.

    • That should be a category over at Small Dead Animals (a Canadian blog.) They have “Sweet Saint San Andreas Save us” for California news, so that would fit right in.

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