Brain-Tired Writer is Brain Tired

Sorry, folks. I used my day off this week to do class prep, and I’m covering for another teacher who is out sick, plus handling my own classes.

Please tell me its Sunday. Please…

Pretty much, but government, not parasitology. Oh, wait…

Content resumes tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Brain-Tired Writer is Brain Tired

  1. I foresee cat-astrophic changes in parasites after that. Nightmares get worse when it’s a textbook on image processing, and you’re Fourier seeing life as a set of series.

    (Raises umbrella. Incoming carp.)

      • When my wife used to teach vo-ag and advised with the district’s Young Farmers, I got to see similar articles for dairy cattle and swine. Some things just need to get shoved out of memory ASAP.

        • Otherwise known as “Gee, why do people who deal with cattle on the hoof always demand their steak well cooked?”

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