New Release: Woman’s Work

Woman’s Work, the fourth Shikari book, is now live on Amazon.

Rigi and Tomás, now married, are stationed on Verdina, the northern continent, assisting with the re-founding of Staré settlement there. And human settlement as well. Rigi learns that life as a proper officer’s wife doesn’t exactly suit her. And that honor may matter more than career.

Exploration, holy-terror-birds, wombow breath, a lecherous cad, and the Officers’ Wives Club. Which peril is the most dangerous? Read and find out!

13 thoughts on “New Release: Woman’s Work

  1. Oh, the Wives Club is by far the most dangerous. The female of the species is more deadly than the male, after all.

  2. Orde re ed, and most of the way through. This definitely needs a second reading to enjoy and reflect. Great teaching novel for young adults, I note, without making any reveald.

  3. Typical reader. I’ve already finished it once (in one gulp). I’ll go back and savor all the details. Of course now I can’t wait for Number 5. (Hides cat ‘o nine tails behind back)

    • I was the stay-behind liaison to the Wives Club (among other things) when my battalion deployed. Wow, was that an eye opener. My wife had told me stories from when I was deployed, but it never seemed real until I saw it first hand.

  4. I’m wondering – is tam a food like cilantro, which really tastes different to a minority of people? That strong bitter flavor Rigi and Tomas dislike so much might not be noticeable to everyone else, due to slightly different taste buds.

    • It is a root vegetable. It is bitter to begin with, but the combination of texture, bitterness, and color (grey) are just too much for Tomás and Rigi. Most humans are take-it-or-leave-it about tam, sort of like okra here on Earth. Mild spoiler – their son loves it when he finally tries it. Tomás blames that dreadful flaw on Uncle Eb and Kor.

    • Cilantro tastes like perfume, anybody who likes it obviously has very deficient taste buds.

      I always pictured tam as alien squash or yams (sweet potatoes), probably mainly because they are a food I don’t care for, both taste and texture.

      • Cilantro is, for me, concentration dependent. A slight amount is pleasantly spice. A great amount is soapy. And I find okra too slimy to consider, expect perhaps when fried, but even then I’m not likely to order it so much as endure it.

  5. Tamp seemed more like taro or manioc root, being edible but needing additional work to get palatable. Cilantro is OK, neither soapy nor overly strong.

    A holy-terror bird. Rigi’s mother will be making book on which alpha male hunter bags one, and which alpha female puts her foot down about that … THING … being displayed in her home. For the poor fund, of course!

  6. Cilantro has a metalic taste. There are few foods it does not disflavor.

    I read the book. Combine the Nasty Girls Club with pride-to-the-level of Hubris for maximizing one’s uselessness and you’ve got the officers’ wives. Could it be a defense against the fear that they actually ARE useless? Interesting idea.

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