Too Tired…

Sorry. Day Job and edits on Shikhari 3 ate my blog. And a major weather change has afflicted me with sinus pain.

Regularly scheduled blogging will resume tomorrow.

A strange beast in Quedlinburg.


8 thoughts on “Too Tired…

  1. Ouch; hang in there. It’s not the sinuses but a joint that gets me worse.

    After the “Miners and Empire” discussion about town walls, I assume you picked the first appropriate image that was lion around. 🙂
    Well, someone had to beat Peter to it …

  2. That’s a ‘really’ bad lion… And yes, sinuses suck rocks… Just be glad you don’t have to deal with them all the time. Hope you feel better soon.

      • Wait, I took a long look under high magnification. Is that a kobold.tormenting a man, probably a miner or metallurgist? The term koboldnickel just came to mind, and I recall that the high level of cobalt in the nickel ore from the Harz caused a lot of refining problems.

    • The ibuprofen kicked in enough that I crossed the 60K barrier on Miners and Empire this afternoon. Other than that I’ve been drinking tea and hot water and hiding.

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