That Was Interesting…

An alarm went off, loudly. And I didn’t get excited. It took me a few hours to sort out why.

I should start by saying that this was an alarm that demands a prompt response of some kind, not a “Oh gads, it can’t be 0600 already” or “Yes, yes, I’ll check the dryer” sort of alarm.

So I dealt with the matter, ensured that the trouble was not serious, and returned to what I’d been doing. It did take a while for the adrenaline to burn off, but I never got excited, unlike other people. I wasn’t certain if this was good or bad. (Probably good, so at least one individual is not running around waving their hands and making loud noises to compete with the alarm.)

Why so calm? I’ve been desensitized to the alarm. Not in the sense that I ignore it, but that I don’t react as energetically as most. This summer I was doing some things and people came in to work on the entire alarm system, updating the software and replacing some out-dated hardware. While they checked every transmitter, the alarm sounded. And kept sounding, and still sounding, and drove me and others nuts until it quit. Then after half an hour? Yep, more alarm as the techs calibrated something and triple checked a door that has always been “problematic.” After two hours, it just made me numb.

Now the alarm makes me look around and see what needs to be done, but I don’t jump up and head for the hills. Especially when I had a dreadful feeling that it might be a mechanical problem and not a “real” problem. We’ve had some silent false alarms because of a cut wire, and were warned. Yep, as it turned out, this was one of those bad wires. I hope Lowest Bidder Inc gets billed for the repair call.


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  1. Ouch, those are going to cause a ‘serious’ problem sooner or later. Desensitization is NOT a good thing. That’s why Bitching Betty came into being… Men ignored the other warnings.

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