This is the Author’s Brain after Copy Edit Review…

OK, maybe not. But that’s how I feel at the moment (1703 CDT Sunday). The copy-edits for Against a Rising Tide are done and have been sent back to Super Editor, Master of Words, Nas Hedron to be set. I’ll also send the book list to him tomorrow.

In case you are wondering, these are diagrams of a watershed. They are on the floor of the Environmental Sciences building at UNT: Denton. I felt as much at home in the lobby as I was a fish-out-of-water in the AP exam teacher training sessions. (I need history, dang it! Give me historical context, don’t just toss court cases at me without context.)

7 thoughts on “This is the Author’s Brain after Copy Edit Review…

  1. Great news on the book!

    I recognized the reservoir shapes, having flown in enough landing circles over them. DFW at the southwest? The topology is clearer now; nice reference points.

    Sounded like Hedley Lamar taught the class. ” Haley vs. United States. Haley 7, United States 0. It can be done!”

  2. Yep, aerial views of landmass. From the perspective, probably about a 20000 foot view… Good news on the book too!!!

  3. I love those kind of relief maps. I used to have a huge one of (West) Germany, from when I was stationed over there. It was about five feet tall by three or four feet wide. They really make topography come alive.

    Sorry about your thumb!

    • I’ve got a couple from Raven Map that I’d love to frame and/or hang in the classroom, but wall space vs. stuff poking through the walls is a problem. We’re not supposed to cover up fire alarms, panic buttons, the thermostat, …

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