October ’18 State of the Author

A bit numb, because I finished the draft of Merchant and Empire on Saturday.  Now I’ve got to catch up on Day-Job reading and polish some things because academic competitions are starting to kick in, and I need to have students ready to go in January.

At the moment, the writing plan is to focus on Miners and Empire for November and get 50K words done on it. Since I average 2000 words per day, it is doable. A lot of the scenes and story are already in my mental files ready to go, and I have all the technical data on hand. For those who liked “The Scavenger’s Gift,” this is set in that area. It looks at how cities become free cities, and how society balanced competing interests, in this case farmers and miners. Then the fifth Familiars book will get done.

I have no idea what will follow that, but I’m getting hints of a possible fantasy story centered on Frau Holle and the Odenwald.

At the moment, my publication scheduled is: November Against a Rising Tide: The Powers Book Three

December: Dust of the Stars: Shikari Book Three

Jan-Feb: Stamm and Satus: Shikari Book Four

March-April: Next Familiars book

May-June: Fountains of Mercy: Colplatschki Chronicles Book Eight

Somewhere in there will be Merchant and Empire and then Miners and Empire

At that point I will have run through my unpublished back-list. You will notice that there is no Christmas-themed release yet for this year. I don’t anticipate one, but the Muse may strike.

9 thoughts on “October ’18 State of the Author

  1. Well between you and OldNFO I am sure glad I invested in the Kindle Unlimited subscription!

    J.D. Brown

  2. I’m looking forward to the next Familiar book.

    Oh, you mentioned the “magic outbreak” so when did it happen in that world?

  3. I may go broke feeding my addiction, but I’ll die happy. Thank you for all your hard work!

  4. I stopped the change jar on its way out the door, to join the vending alliance. *Sigh* there will be time enough to count and roll for more great books.

    You have 2-3 that will be high on my list. Shikari also, as the ‘Kipling’s Raj on another planet’ keeps growing on me. Good characters and The Great Game in other stellar systems.

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