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Today’s Post. Brought to you by Peter Aikman / Old fence post / CC BY-SA 2.0

I’ve been working on documentation of classroom methodologies for the upcoming visit by the accreditation organization. Yes, St. Angus-In-the-Grass School is an accredited institution of learning. Just what we’re credited with I leave to your imagination.

Rail Fence. Montanabw@wikipedia.  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic, 2.0 Generic and 1.0 Generic license.


12 thoughts on “Generic Post

  1. Way back when, I discovered that while the University I was attending was accredited, the specific college and school were not. Interesting times.

  2. So, these are Postcards From the Edge of Mountains of Madness? Couldn’t think of the title for better mashup.

  3. While on post, I was wearing a wire.
    Until there was a breach.
    The thing went down while I was away at fencing. The only other person to avoid the fiasco was the driver, Pile. He was attending a concertina. There was no time to man the barricades or secure the perimeter before the hole thing was rolled up. I know it’s a staple of fiction, but our supervisor Barb was the weak link in the chain, latch. I hope she was given concrete shoes, or at least had her face bounced off a turnbuckle.
    Guy later brought us in to face the panel for a debriefing. I gate to say it, but they tried to pen the blame on us…

  4. Well, that generic post turned into something OTHER than a stick in the ground…LOL OBTW, there are 18 postman jobs available in Limerick… 😀

  5. ‘Twas a young postman from Knock,
    Who got lost at the top of the block.

    (was that carp I heard?)

  6. I once saw a post on a post
    And you’d swear that I saw a ghost
    for it looked like juniper
    but was too square-ipper
    and I saw that England played host.

    • Juniper posts look like that from about ten years after they’re put in until they are burnt by some idiot who doesn’t realize wire doesn’t burn– but they’re quarters of a tree trunk, NOT square at all.

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