Mew Shall not Pass!

One would think that 11 pounds of puss-cat cannot block access through a house unassisted.


Short cut short circuited.

Of course, sometimes it is the moving of the critter that blocks traffic.

You can lead a donkey to culture but you can’t make him… Nope, can’t lead him, either.

The above is a railing on the steps leading from a main street up to the city hall parking garage in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. One wonders if the citizens see themselves as the pullers or the pulled.

Guarding Frog Alley (Froschengasse)

This handsome gate guardian is about four feet tall. At the end of the alley, the steps are so long and steep that a lift has been installed for people who can’t climb the sixty or so feet straight up. Schwäbisch Hall is built on the side of a hill and river. The hill can be a bit steep in spots.

And if you need assistance, well:

Alas, the pun was not for sale.

The German name for a piggy bank is a “savings pig,” or Sparschwein. With the life-ring, it becomes Rettungsschwein, or “life-saving/rescue pig.” The bank was closed for lunch, and I suspect the savings piggy was only for account holders.

6 thoughts on “Mew Shall not Pass!

  1. Ashbutt loved to flop in the center if the hallway and the doorway, and on the floor where I get out of bed… but as a black cat in the dark, he has decided that against the wall in the dark is the better part of valor. On the other hand, when we’re awake, in daylight? Mew shall not pass!

  2. Heh, cats DO think they ‘own’ the world… Dogs, they just don’t care… even if you have to step over them, they don’t move. And that railing is impressive!!! 😀

    • Our senior dog (Lab/Aussie shepherd) never believed that statement. She’s about 50-50 whether or not she’ll move when stepped over, and is likely to jump mid-step. OTOH, as she’s older, the black is fading to grey, so we can see her in dim light.

      The Border Collie tends to trust us more, but there’s a slight chance of trouble. Both like to camp out in narrow passages.

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