Music Review: American Dream

Thomas Bergerson American Dream (Mp3 Album)

Ever wonder what would happen if Aaron Copeland and John Williams decided to collaborate on a love-song to the USA? Thomas Bergerson’s symphony might be something close. Cross epic music with folk-tunes and a strong classical background and you have this spirited musical trip through and around America.

The entire composition forms the 44 minute opening track. Then each section is repeated with its name and time cues, giving the listener a chance to pick favorites. Bergerson is writing in the tradition of Copeland, with nods to folk-tunes and the sweeping orchestral sounds of Rodeo, but also Bruce Broughton (Silverado), Charles Ives, and Ralph Vaughn Williams’s symphonies. I also sense kinship with David Arkenstone’s Sketches from an American Journey, at least in spirit. Bergerson’s sound is modern classical, a la Copeland, but he is not copying any one composer. As with his epic music, the songs are his own, but are in the tradition of soundtracks for the American story.

The cover art gives you a good sense of the music. It’s fun and uplifting, good pick-me-up music when you want to listen to something brisk. The themes are exploration, travel, sacrifice and success – the cores of the American Dream for most people.

I’d call it a tone-poem love song to America and all we dream of her being. No, it is not music that challenges the listener like Charles Ives tends to do, but it is fun, and to me inspiring.

Is it worth $10 US for the MP3? I think so. You get 92 minutes of music, once as the unbroken composition and then again in sections with track names.

If you want unabashed fun, encouraging, Americana music in the spirit of Copeland with the sweep of Hovahness and some touches of Vaughn Williams, I recommend this recording.

FTC Note: I purchased this recording for my own use and received no compensation from composer or publisher for this review.

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  1. If you want to take a listen before you buy, there’s a legitimate copy of the complete 44 minute composition available on YouTube, with links to the various outlets you can buy a copy of the song from.

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