Signal Boost: The Grey Man – Generations

Jim Curtis’s latest installment in the Grey Man series is now up on Amazon.

A new generation carries on the legacy of service in the latest Grey Man novella…

Marine Corporal Jace Cronin, a scout/sniper, survived insurgents in the Philippines, only to be handed an even greater challenge: the Naval Academy. He won’t be headed in alone, though. Esme Carter got her own slot and is ready to go head to head with him over who’s the best. They’ve got their eyes on lieutenant’s bars and pilot slots, and woe betide anyone who gets in the way!

Full Disclosure – I beta read this, and it is a fast paced story about the next generations in the Cronin and Carter families. What started as cowboys vs. drug smugglers in West Texas has become a family saga, in a good sense.


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