New Release: The Scavenger’s Gift

The Scavenger – god of death, and loss, and those who survive at the edges. And the god of miners.

What happens when a metal trader, sworn to Maarsdam, enters the Scavenger’s realm?


Signal Boost: For those interested in space opera and hard sci-fi, Peter Grant’s third book about Cochrane’s Company, The Pride of the Damned, is now available. I alpha read the first two and they are excellent.

Edited to add: SIGH. The Muse just informed me that there will be a third book following the WIP, again from Tycho’s view point. I think it will be called “Merchant and Empire.” Grrrrrrrrrrr.


4 thoughts on “New Release: The Scavenger’s Gift

  1. Very nice, and an excellent short as inducement for another series. A lot of story and action gets implied in the small places. This almost leads to another novel or two, but hopefully the Muse will ignore the additional shiny for the moment.

    Review will get posted after today’s tasks get done.

    • This… will turn, indirectly, into a fourth Merchant book or a novella. It will be set before the other three, at the end of the Great Cold, and will be about how cities become free.

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