State of the Author and Book Updates – July ’18

Tired. I greatly enjoyed LibertyCon and the trip to and from. It was neat to meet people in person, renew a few acquaintances, finally get a piece of cake from City Diner (Seven Deadly Sins, for those who wondered. And I ate all of it in one sitting. It was very, very, very good.) Now I’m tired and a bit brain numb. Something about a story ambushing me while en route…

That story, “The Scavenger’s Gift” will release later this month. I will also finish going over reader comments on the last Powers book and get it ready to send to the editor and cover folks in August. I’m also going to try to get a bunch of the next Merchant novel done this month and early in August, before Day Job revs up.

Vaguely Familiar will come out around Christmas, if not earlier.

After that will come the last Colplatschki novel, with a release in early 2018.

I’m looking for a cover artist for the third Shikari novel at the moment, then will ask for beta readers for that one. I also will need alpha readers for the Chinese fantasy, still unnamed as of the moment.

As far as writing projects, there’s either a novella or maaaaaaayyyyybe a third novel in the Merchant world lurking around, probably more Familiar stories, and perhaps a second Chinese novel. Beyond that, I have no idea what will ambush me!


4 thoughts on “State of the Author and Book Updates – July ’18

  1. I’m disappointed I didn’t make it to LibertyCon this year – and won’t make it to next year’s since it sold out less than six hours after registration opened yesterday. Sigh. Maybe some year I’ll make it there again.

    • Get on the wait-list, if you don’t have to make hotel and absence-from-work plans 6-12 months in advance. The May date conflicts with something else already on the books, so I’m aiming for 2020 and will be spring-loaded to register (if I have internet access.)

      • I emailed the LibertyCon registration address to be placed on the waiting list. I guess I’ll have to wait and see. It is a shame none of the remaining cons in this area are as awesome as LibertyCon – InConjunction has little literary programming, and Marcon has been rather hit or miss in terms of guest, programming, attendance, etc. since they were forced by hotel pricing to switch from Memorial Day, to Easter, to Mother’s Day.

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