Once More Onto the Road

So, I’m on my way to Chattanooga via a few other intermediate stops. I will be at LibertyCon along with a bunch of the other Unusual Suspects. I’m not presenting or on a panel *taps wood*, just hanging out and learning stuff. And trying to convince Sarah Hoyt that I’m not really an American Exotic Shorthair cat. She’s seen me in purrson before but is still not convinced. *flicks tail*

I don’t think this will be on the menu during the trip, alas (it wasn’t my dinner. I had eggplant.)

The Poseidon Plate at a Greek place in Bacharach. There really are jumbo shrimp.

Once upon a time, there was a gate in a wall… (Goslar, Germany)


14 thoughts on “Once More Onto the Road

  1. Have fun!
    Eat lots. (I gained a lot of weight when we lived in Chattanooga. You’ve been there. You understand.)

    • According to my college and high school students, a hard case. So I suppose that makes me an armadillo. Or a glyptodon.

      • Glyptodons turn up in the weirdest places. Until a scant few years ago I’d never heard of one, and then suddenly there’s new stories about them turning up in farm fields, articles on them in popular science outlets, and they’re appearing in depictions of “a typical scene from the Pleistocene” online and in natural history museums.

      • Bolo was one of my thoughts when I first heard of otherkin.

        But a Dalek, a Necron, or one of Saberhagen’s Berserkers is so much more fun for trolling people on policy. 😀

  2. I think it’s trouble, Trouble with a capital T, and that rhymes with P, and that stands for Pool!

    I thought about resting the joke, but why bother?

    Safe journeys, and enjoy. Sounds like I’ll need to plan LibertyCon or DragonCon into the budget. They sound like good venues for information and for my terribly sprained sense of humor.

  3. We have cold cuts & sammich materials in the fridge, so dinner will be ready any time you arrive. O’ course, then we have to convince Sarah I’m not a little grey cat that walks through walls. She’s known me for years, and she still seems to think I put on a human seeming. *licks shoulder, smoothing fur* It’s just a random quirk of hers, really.

    • It’s funny. For years humans told me, with great emphasis, that I was most certainly NOT of their kind and such. It was only when I finally started agreeing with that assessment that they then started having issues with it. Humans, go fig.

  4. “Once upon a time, there was a gate in a wall…”

    One merely need slip on the magic ring, touch it to where once the opening way, and speak the proper words, and then that which had been sealed will be open once more. Whether that’s a good thing, or a bad thing…

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