10 thoughts on “Back Stateside

  1. Breathe a sigh of relief at escaping that backwards corner of the globe from which our ancestors fled. đŸ˜‰

    And catch up on sleep.

    • Indeed. Sunrise at 0515 and birds that start singing at 0430… too early. I need more dark, thank you.

      And yes, I’m glad I do not live there. Their political crisis is a lot bigger than ours, and the cultural strains in progress… Something is going to break, one way or another.

      • We are going to elect Super Buckman in 2020, and the Europeans will be ruled by enlightened space aliens, who will make it paradise, we will see who is laughing then. XD

        Though Super Buckman does sort of sound like an enlightened space alien, or an enlightening one.

        “What makes the green glass glow?”

        • I admit, I felt unhappy seeing all the women in headscarves even in smaller towns, and I was more on guard than I have been in the past. No one did or said anything, aside from one young man on a bike who was being a jerk (in general, not specifically an Islamist jerk. More of an 18-21 year old male full of himself jerk.) If we’d been in the bigger cities, it probably would have been different.

  2. Welcome back, and I really appreciate the postings. That’s a bunch of information that I’d previously overlooked.

    Beware, you sparked some ideas for a writing project. It’s “hold my schnapps” time.

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