If You Don’t Talk to Your Cat About Catnip…

Athena T. Cat, nipped out.

The season for fresh catnip has arrived. Athena, being a feline of mature years, no longer goes wild with fresh catnip in a clean sock. She just breathes deeply of the fumes and gets spacey.

A little possessive, yes.

No touching the catnip sock once she’s gotten it, either.

Need a snack all of a sudden. Huh…

After getting a drink of ice-water and some kibble, Athena returned to the sock for the rest of the evening.

5 thoughts on “If You Don’t Talk to Your Cat About Catnip…

  1. My cats love to roll in the catnip as well as eat it. So I sprinkle it in a box so I don’t have catnip all over the floor. They jump into the boxes and roll around so vigorously that they flip the box over and fling catnip all over the floor. Then roll in it some more.

    We opted for hard floors in the new house. Much easier to sweep up cat hair. And cat nip.

    Ah coudna resist!

  3. Our cat is a Teetotaller when it comes to catnip.
    She predictably gets all snooty about it. Cats can simply ooze disdain.

  4. “Cheetos stuffed mice would be perfect. They sing in pretty colors, and taste like E sharp. Whoa, I’m so ‘nipped.” Seen THAT look, all right.
    That’s why I won’t plant any in the garden. Every cat in the area will show up.

    • We have a big pot of it on our patio. And yes, most of the neighborhood cats swing by to sample it. Greatly upsetting our own housebound cat, who can’t understand why we let *those invaders* into her yard.

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