Book Boost: Peter Grant’s New Release

Peter Grant has a new series that’s sort of Ocean’s 11 in space. With mercenaries. And the Tong.

It’s cool. I alpha read the first volume, which is now out in the wild.


4 thoughts on “Book Boost: Peter Grant’s New Release

  1. I’ve been seeing this book pop up on most of the blogs I follow. I hope that means it’s good, since I’m planning to buy it some day soon.

  2. I’m halfway through it now. Good book – made even better because I know that the next two books are already scheduled. Though Merchant and Magic is next in the to-be-read queue.

  3. Thanks, Alma! I’m hard at work preparing books 2 and 3 in the trilogy for publication, “An Airless Storm” next month, and “The Pride of the Damned” in July. Then there’s the print editions . . .

    Who said an author’s life was easy?


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