New Book Release: Merchant and Magic

It’s Alive!

Merchant and Magic

Tycho just wants to do his business, sell his hides, make a steady income, and get some of the fried foods his wife never lets him eat. Is that too much to ask?

Yes. Because his secret disability may be the key to solving two mysteries and preventing a war. Or it might cause one. Only the gods know.

This is the book I ran as chapters on the blog last year. The sequel has been started, but the Familiar books have shifted it. I suspect I need more research into the operation of the kontors and the relationship of the Holy Roman Emperors to the free trading cities vs. the other municipalities, so my subconscious mind is blocking.


6 thoughts on “New Book Release: Merchant and Magic

    • Bleh, not available yet in the store. Another thing I noticed, on .com I can follow the author in the .ca it doesn’t give you that option. You would think that the Amazon website would be the same for all over. Apparently not. :/

  1. I need to dig out some references. I can’t recall if the Hanse had one or more seats as electors, putting them on a par with some cities, dukes, margraves, bishops, and abbots.

    Fishing, navigation, riparian, and mining rights or privileges. These mix oddly with feudal obligations, military duties, etc. The magic becomes one more right, like timber cutting.

  2. Darn, beat me to it. I see the elector list now, just couldn’t recall them all first thing in the morning. I was editing some reports and will be rather busy for another couple weeks (aside from a brief humor comment).

    Something about the city charters and the trade or fishing privileges granted is niggling in the back of my mind. Now I’m intrigued, and may spend some time over the summer in research about the city chartering and Imperial relations to the independent cities. If I find something interesting, I’ll document the material with a source.

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