And for Something Almost Completely Different…

Staré, the sequel to Shikari is now available.

Rigi returns to Shikhari and finds that some things have changed… or have they?

Miss Auriga Bernardi encounters a Staré liberation movement that might not be what it seems, the complications of semi-adulthood in Society, a lost city the natives would prefer remained lost, and a big brother who won’t take, “Cyril, drop it,” for an answer. What’s a young lady to do?

Trust in her shooter, her m-dog, her sketches, and her wits. A less energetic wombow would also be nice.


9 thoughts on “And for Something Almost Completely Different…

  1. I just ordered both. Summer vacation and quiet times are coming, and these should be fun to read. I enjoyed “Strangely Familiar” and now see a sequel bouncing out (stupid lemurs). Dare I channel Peter a bit and say “hold the Alma, I need to digest these first.” Maybe not. OTOH, I was getting strange looks at my chuckles over Angus and Tay antics. A “wound” wombow and several exasperated and loving Stare retainers? I need to move the hammock farther away.

  2. I really like the cover. I really like the font and the color. But it really is not easy to see.

    Maybe put the title up in the left hand corner?

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