Cat Among Dragons Release

In Sheltering Talons, the tenth book in the Cat Among Dragons series, is available. Aside from strange goings on in the Imperial palace, a crime that might never have happened, outraged nobles, and wildlife gone mad, Drakon IV has been peaceful for Rada. But she misses Joschka, and wants to go to Ter-Tri.

The Traders might have other plans for her.

Mayhem, chaos, a wedding, Rahoul Khan being by-the-book, Zabet snarking, and Joschka wondering if Rada will ever settle down… and a possible werewolf.

Maybe married life isn’t quite so quiet as advertised, at least for a Cat among Dragons.

3 thoughts on “Cat Among Dragons Release

  1. Got it! I could have used this yesterday… five boring hours on an airplane… sigh 🙂

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