And the Silence Lingers…

One of the greatest moments in musical performance is the silence. The piece comes to its end, and no one moves. The conductor remains still, the orchestra and chorus are frozen, and none in the audience dares to break the spell, the hush of enchantment and sometimes of awe.

Sometimes everything works. Not always and there are compositions where the hush isn’t expected or appropriate – 1812 Overture, anyone? Rock concert encore?

But once in a while everything works and the music speaks through the silence.

And you know you got it right.

Magic happened.

And all the work, the sweat, the tears, the drills and note-by-note work over and over is worth it for that long, amazing, motionless silence, an instant almost outside of time.


6 thoughts on “And the Silence Lingers…

  1. Apparently our minds are working in tandem today. I read the first paragraph and was thinking to myself, “unless it is rock concert, then silence would be a bad thing.” Then I scrolled down the page and read the second paragraph. đŸ˜‰

    Although even in that venue I could see it in special circumstances. If say Lita Ford passed on and someone sang Close My Eyes Forever dedicated in her memory at the end of their next concert I could see the silence and it would be a Profound compliment in that venue

  2. Alas, this post makes me think of a certain song by Simon & Garfunkel:

    Sometimes I wish we might wasn’t always free-associating – except during periods of intense concentration, such as when called upon in free association exercises in school.

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