New Release Updates

In Sheltering Talons: A Cat Among Dragons Book 10 I am going over the edits now, the cover is well along the design process, and things are looking good for a late April release.

Strangely Familiar – a novella (50K words, so maybe short novel?) that I’ve been excerpting. I need alpha readers, planning a late April or early May release.

Staré: Shikari Book 2 is well into cover design, I have some edits to incorporate, and early May release looks probable.

Of Merchant and Magic: ready for formatting, cover art is in process, so that will also be released late this month or in early May.

Against a Rising Tide: I’m shifting to a summer release to be absolutely certain it is out before November 11. I will bump the last Colplatschki book to fall.

And (as of this moment) I will be at LibertyCon, so if you have a hard-copy of something and want it signed, flag me down and I’ll oblige.


3 thoughts on “New Release Updates

  1. I’m really looking forward to Stare and the last Cat book. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Stare will be good. I think I cleared enough backlog so I can read both books this summer. “Against a Rising Tide” released before Armistice Day – that makes it more poignant and relevant. This year, especially so. A lot of grandfathers and great-grandfathers were fortunate to survive.

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