First they Came for…

In light of recent arguments and shouting in the US, and the on-going celebration of Passover, here is a link to an essay with lot, and lots, of supporting articles and essays about governments that disarm their populations.

Click the image to go to the essay. Click the caption to get this and other pro-firearms Judaica.


Edited to Add: Perhaps it is because I am eyeball deep in reading too much about the 1920s-1969, but I’m getting a creepy feeling. I hope it is just from reading too much about really unpleasant people and events.

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14 thoughts on “First they Came for…

  1. The threat of mob violence is, IMO, one of the primary arguments for individual weapons ownership. By the time the totalitarians have taken over a country’s government, perhaps it’s too late for individual resistance to provide liberation—but totalitarian governments don’t just spring into being immediately, they typically start with mob violence for intimidation of those who might not go along. cf both Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.

    If I were at a university known for violence against dissenters–and there are quite a few of them—I would consider carrying.

    See Robert Avrech’s related post, Jew Without a Gun:

    • It’s a continuum. An armed, prepared target is more expensive to kill. You have to, statistically speaking, spend more men’s lives, and perhaps the lives of more expensively prepared men. The first Ghettos they cleared in Poland were relatively cheap. But by Warsaw they knew what was happening, and clearing Warsaw required they spend 300 lives. Killing 13,000 who were mostly armed with captured weapons. If the Jews of Europe had been armed and prepared, the Holocaust would have been more expensive. Might not have been prohibitively expensive, as Hitler was nuts, and the Germans were pretty desperate following learning about the Holodomor.

      It can happen here because it has happened here, and perhaps is still happening here.

    • An excellent post indeed. And a very, very good reminder that the material between your ears is as important, if not more important, than the other weapons you might or might not have at hand.

  2. Excellent and poignant post. And he is right!!! It can happen here, if we continue to knuckle under to the left and don’t stand up to them.

    • Unless that “standing up” involves piles of dead Leftists, it won’t matter what you say.

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  4. we are on the same path as the thirtys. if we the people do not rise up and force our Canadian government to govern for the people and not over the people we will make nazi germany look attractive.

  5. Thank you for this. Your hypothesis about civilizational collapse and the brain is something this upper middle class Canadian raised, expat now living in a very “safe” area of Florida has recognized in himself. A lot of reading has brought me to similar thoughts.

    I haven’t fired a firearm of any type in 30 years but am joining the NRA and intend to calmly, methodically train and arm myself with competent help. I will not put my (and my families) safety in the hands of corrupt and/or misguided politicians (often with armed security details) and 911 operators.

  6. I too have read about the Cultural Revolution and the gulags. That is the reason people must vote to keep the left out of power regardless of what the Republicans do or do not do. If the left regains power, we face the left crushing us because it wants a dictatorship.

  7. If the democrats/socialists can destroy the two linchpins, freedom of speech and freedom to defend that speech by force of arms, they can dispose of this whole Constitution thing and build a Communist Utopia, that’s sure to work next time…

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