Greek Pork and Celery

The recipe used to be one of Redquarters’ Old Standby favorites, in part because of the ease of preparation. And then leafy celery disappeared from the market, and stuff happened, and I’d not made it in at least a decade. The time had come to remedy that lack.

The recipe is based on Greek cooking, and back in the day, fresh lovage would have been added to enhance the celery. The original is in The Frugal Gourmet Cooks Three Ancient Cuisines by Jeff Smith.

2-3 pounds of pork roast or shoulder or a BIG loin (I ended up using a four and a half pounder)

Chicken broth

olive oil X2


white wine


Cut pork into large chunks. Brown in 2-3T olive oil. Add enough chicken broth to cover pork at least half way, plus white wine (1/2 cup or a little more. I like a very dry white.) Add 2 cloves garlic – or more if you like garlic, and a few more tablespoons of oil. Bring to a boil, then reduce to simmer and cook at least an hour and a half, occasionally turning the meat, until the meat is very tender.

Chop the celery, including the leaves. The more leaves, the better. Add to the meat, bring back to a boil, then simmer at least half an hour until the celery is tender. I used a whole medium bundle of celery and probably should have added more.

Let cook down for the last few minutes, serve with rice, couscous, or really good bread so you can sop up the juices.

This would probably work very, very well in an Instapot.

5 thoughts on “Greek Pork and Celery

  1. When I saw this recipe this morning I had just bought a bundle of inorganic celery and was wondering what to do with a 2-3# pork sirloin tip roast in the freezer. This recipe looked easy-peazy so I browned up the pork and gave it a shot. I did one change by adding 2-3 tbsp of corn starch to thicken up the stock some, and it is cooking merrily away in the crock pot. Initial tastings are excellent.

  2. This sounds good, and I’ll add to my backup list along with Lawdog’s Green Chili Stew.

    I think I have about 2 lb of pork loin in the freezer that needs to get used anyway, and this sounds like a great slow-cooker recipe for Saturday. Cornstarch to thicken the sauce is a great idea. I’ll run a very small side batch, using about a quarter of medium onion chopped fine and a quarter tsp of toasted fennel seed (crushed or ground), to get browned with the pork. A hint of licorice taste with the celery.

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