Father Pax, the headmaster, was a bit surprised and quite pleased to learn that the company that provided the music and DJ for prom told the office staff that they’d like to be hired again in the future to do our dances.

When I heard about this, I giggled a little, because I know why that DJ likes our students so much.

First, it is a small dance, and all the requested songs are vetted by the staff before being sent to the DJ, so there is no chance of an angry administrator or parent charging the DJ and demanding that a certain song be stopped forthwith pronto. Second the dance ends on time. Third, our students are polite, well behaved, and don’t make major messes.

And fourth, “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

I happened to have been “encouraged” to take the late slot at the dance that year. And so I was in the back, watching students without really watching them, making sure that room was left for the Holy Spirit during slow-dances, you know. And then the opening bars of a very familiar song came from the speakers.

Every student went to the dance floor. Every student danced. And every student sang along for the entire song. The DJ was amazed! And very impressed.

I was reminded of the moment when I was driving home the other morning and “Bohemian Rhapsody” came over the radio. Even more than the folly of “Personal Jesus”* at my senior prom, that song is going to be my memory cue for prom.

*The principal “tripped” over the power cord and disconnected the speakers as we were dancing. The DJ retaliated by playing the club mix, which lasted eight minutes. The principal steamed, fumed, and couldn’t do anything about it without causing a riot. Even the kickers and preps were bouncing on the floor along with the nerds, goths, punks, stoners, and others.

14 thoughts on “Rhapsodizing

  1. You’ll have to make sure the dance is held on Friday. That way, you can encourage the students to unleash their inner Friday Mercurial.

    (With apologies to Queen’s lead singer . . . ) πŸ™‚

    • Kickers were/are the ranch kids and their friends, who listen to country music, participate in 4-H , rodeo team, and other ag activities, and tended to look at punks and goths as the lowest of the low. They also didn’t care much for the jocks, because the jocks didn’t consider rodeo team to be real sports. The bull riders tended to disagree with that opinion.

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