Music and Murphy

Dr. Director: No, no, emote, emote! Dah da DAH di Dah! [almost crashes into piano while swaying and waving hands]

Basso Not-so-Profundo: That’s more schmaltz than in the University of Tel Aviv alumni cookbook.


Pianist: Miss Red, remember your little difficulty with the music a few weeks ago?

Miss Red [cringing]: Yes, ma’am. It’s rather hard to forget.

Pianist: You won’t. It’s now on the web. The producer decided to include the recessional in the cut.

Miss Red and Pianist at the exact same moment: Murphy’s law!

The pages had stuck together, and I was standing on the opposite side of the piano from where the page turner usually stands, so the camera got a full view of 1. sticking pages and 2. the entire piece of music almost falling onto the keyboard with two pages left to go. It was not one of my finer moments as a page turner.

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    • Not everything. 15-20 years ago I read a blog called Cowtown Cop (Ft. Worth). Had a post one day about a guy sticking a gun in the face of a short-order cook, demanding money. Said cook picked up a knife and slashed the guy’s wrist. Kept the pistol for evidence. Blog’s long gone; surely do wish I’d printed it out. I told that story to my cooking friends.

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