Grasping for the Crowns is Live

The war grinds on. 1916 should be the year of a break through, but the elements as well as the enemy have a say in the progress of the fighting. István Eszterházy must marshal the House’s resources to withstand enemy propaganda, hunger, and growing troubles to the north and east.

In a world that might-have-been, the Habsburg Empire clings to life despite the machinations of the Entente powers. But something lurking in the east and north threatens to upend the Powers of the land, and to rip the empire apart in the process.

The sequel to A Carpathian Campaign.

Carpathian Campaign (the e-book) is on sale through December 1 for $1.99 US.


8 thoughts on “Grasping for the Crowns is Live

  1. Got it, will start to read tomorrow on a train ride, and will need to read slow so I don’t miss any of the plot twists.

  2. Carpathian Campaign is $1.99 only for the kindle edition. The link took me to the paperback version. Bought Powers book 2 as as the post went up.

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