The Cat Ate My Blog Post

Actually, I was too tired and distracted when I got home last night from working extra hours and watched some Teaching Company lectures instead of doing the blog.

Mea culpa.

And just to add, trying out several new-to-you abds exercises in a fit of wild enthusiasm is strongly recommended against. Ow. Ouch. Erk.


5 thoughts on “The Cat Ate My Blog Post

  1. This is me, laughing with you about the abs exercises… because I have never done anything similar.


      • I tried a new workout a few weeks ago, which seemed easy at the time and I was perhaps a little overenthusiastic… but the next day it felt almost exactly like I had spent a day horseback riding after years of not being in the saddle; minus the sore tailend, but almost all the same stiff and sore muscles and bowlegged walk.

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